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Hi, I'm Louie.


A writer from the Fintech Payment Startup world.

My mission is to help fintech payment startup founders and CEOs scale-up their operations by providing digital content for their audience.

My Story

Back in high school

I created scripts and articles for the school gazette, which instilled a passion for writing.

2012 - 2016

I was drawn into the KDrama fandom and wrote news articles and interviews about Korean actors under my pen name, Pechumori.

It was a voluntary work. I wanted to have experience in digital writing and I loved it.

I gained an international group of acquaintances from the fandom, that have turned into long-time, and real-life friends.

My Tumbler account that housed these articles is still alive up to now and if you’re a fan of Kim Soo Hyun and Japanese actor, Takeru Sato of Rurouni Kenshin fame, you might want to check out my posts over here.

2016 - 2023

After my mom died in 2016, I landed a job as a Social Media Manager in a Fintech Startup company.

I knew nothing about Fintech at the time, and had to enroll in a lot of courses online.

This triggered my interest in the subject, and led me to countless nights of research about Fintech.

However, I centered more on the payments category, in line with our company’s product.

My roles changed over the years, as our company evolved and its direction shifted.

Working in a fast-paced environment with a lean team gave me the opportunity to venture into each startup role, from the admin, to marketing, technical, sales, operations and management.

This gave me a well-rounded perspective of what it takes to run a Fintech start-up.

I understand the pain points and challenges that a founder or CEO is faced with.

I know the demands of working in a Fintech startup and importance of having the right mindset and work attitude.

Along the course of my stint in the company, I was asked to work on app descriptions, reports, articles and newsletters.

That’s when I realized how much I’ve missed writing.

After the company closed, I knew that there was one job I would like to pursue.

To become a digital writer.

But the transition doesn’t happen overnight. So many things have changed since I last wrote online. I had to upskill and spent months learning about copywriting, cold emailing, website development and a whole lot more.

It’s exciting but hard at the same time. Yet, it is my passion, my dream. To write online. And my mission is to help Fintech Payment Startup Founders and CEOs scale up.

Because I’ve been there. And I know how it is.
Together, let’s use content to convert to sales and connect to your customers.

Why Choose Me?

Well, look no further – I’ve been there, right in your fintech shoes, feeling the heartbeat of the industry.

I get the challenges you face. It’s like we speak the same language – the fintech language.

So, if you’re thinking about sprucing up your website or crafting emails that truly resonate with your customers, rest easy. I’ve got your back.

Every piece of content will be tailored to accurately capture and maintain your fintech startup’s unique brand, while translating the technical jargon to an easy to understand and engaging content for your broader audience.

Let’s make your voice heard loud and clear in the fintech buzz.
Together, we’ll elevate your brand and make those challenges seem like a walk in the park.


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